Why CarePM?

 Manage the non clinical operations of your practice effectively

Care PM takes care of the non-clinical elements of healthcare such as Patient Registration, Scheduling and Billing. This Practice Management System (PMS)  provides an effective set of administrative and financial controls for a medical practice. With industry leading features, CarePM’s framework provides the functionality and ease of use to fully meet your medical practice needs. The entire application framework assists a practice in its patient flow management, collections and claims management. Full compliance with HIPAA regulations also helps in maintaining the security of health Information.


  • Powerful search engine to know the patient visit schedule, slot availabilities for providers in the day, week and month modes to locate the patient.
  • Integration with the clinical chart to generate a customizable Super bill.
  • EMR interfacing helps to accelerate payments, offering access to all the charges, denials, refunds and payments.
  • The best EDI solutions with automated claim tracking, insurance payment profiling, fee updating, claim status inquiries.
  • Electronic Remittance enables single click payment posting to patient accounts, Denial tracking and resubmission of denying claims and configuration of auto generated patient statements.
  • Flexible report generation for the improved financial and administrative insights.